Week Five

Review No.1


This is Skillshare's Homepage

Skillshare is a very neat website. I love how the website opens with a video playing of different teachers doing their craft. You really do get a good example of what exactly you can do with this website. Underneath it even tells you that they have more than 26,000 classes. The site itself is very responsive: once it goes down to a very small size, a drop down menu appears with the categories put inside to save space. But it also proudly says they have apps for phones and tablets.

Skillshare's footer

As you scroll down to the bottom, Skillshare does have a lengthy footer where you can click on a variety of topics to learn about. It also has info on becoming a Skillshare teacher, with pictures of teachers behind the Learn More button, which is very nice and makes it more personal.

Review No.2

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga's homepage

Upon entering Lady Gaga's official homepage, you are seeing scrolling gifs on each site of the page. When you scroll with your mouse on either side, you can reverse the scroll or even stop it. Nothing happens when you click on the gifs, which is disappointing. I would much rather each of these take the visitor to specific videos, or photos of whatever the gif is representing. The page itself is very responsive: it will go down to a very small size and the automatic scrollin will stop (thankfully, since that would be confusing at such a small size) and a hamburger menu appears that holds all the menu info from the middle. Still very neat and attractive and usable.

Lady Gaga's news section

When you click on the news section, it is a little confusing. It is just pictures that link to different news stories. Still overall, I enjoy the aesthetic of this site and it's overall usability.