Week Six

Review No. 1

Fiep Westendorp

Fiep Westendorp's Shop

Fiep Westendorp's homepage is a shop that shows all of her available merchandise. It has a nice scrolling image at the top which goes through four different pictures that she has drawn. It also has a nice preview of all available products in each category. Fiep's site is very responsive and looks great at almost any size. The illustrations resize nicely and still stay at the forefront.

New items in Fiep Westendorp's Shop

When you click on "new", it takes you to the newest items in the shop. The subcategories are at the side and there are a ton of different choices, so it would be very easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

Review No. 2

Miranda Sings

Miranda Sings homepage

Miranda Sings website is very straight forward and simple. Not necessarily in the good way. I honestly do not enjoy this website. It is not very responsive and things do not resize automatically when the window is resized.

Miranda Sings footer

The only information on the footer is the social media links. Maybe since her character is supposed to be really annoying and mispronounces things all the time and is just plain wrong and weird all the time, her website is supposed to be just like her? I'm not sure, but I won't be spending any time on her website.