Week Seven

Review No.1

Post Malone

Post Malone's homepage

One of the websites I chose for this week was Post Malone's homepage. It is a very responsive and simple page. When you first enter the page, you see a very basic image of circular saw blades. When you scroll down, it is basically a CD liner. That is exactly what it reminds me of: an electronic version of CD liner notes.

Post Malone's horse guy

He does have his social media and his important info at the very top of the page as well as the very bottom. There is not alot of interaction on this site, just reading of the liner notes or information for each song, excluding lyrics.

Review No.2


Sanrio's homepage

The second website I chose was Sanrio's website. Originally I wanted to do Hello Kitty's website, so I entered hellokitty.com into the address bar and it brought me right to Sanrio.com. The site is very cute with small animations at the top (good use of GIF) and the site is very responsive to a very small size, but it will only go so large before there are white bars at the side.

Sanrio's news

The news section is very cute, with even a cutesy newspaper-like headline. Each news story has a big picture and small headline for you to click on and read more. The footer is so cute with an image of all (or most) of the Sanrio chracters and a link to social media and even a place to enter your email address to join their mailing list.