Week Eight

Review No.1

Rachel Briggs

Rachel Briggs' homepage

Rachel Briggs' website has a very simple homepage: when you get there you have to click on the handwritten font to get inside the page. A very nice and simple intro to her.

Rachel Briggs' homepage

Once entered, you see a plethora of images from her portfolio. It follows a grid system and everything feels very organized. The site is also very responsive: it goes down to a very small yet organized page, and even up to a very large size. The grid shape allows it the site to still look very organized at any size.

Review No.2

Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat's homepage

The Beyond Burger website is very responsive and even has scrolling pictures across the top. The site has all kinds of information at the forefront: if you scroll down a little below the fold, there are colored blocks that show the different products, and directly underneath are scrolling pictures of recipes involving their products.

Beyond Meat's homepage

Review No.3

Wiseacre Brew

Wiseacre's homepage

Wiseacre Brew's website is super fun. I wish I could have taken a picture of the image that showed up while the site was loading: it was an illustration of a arm that was so fun, but I can't get it back. The site itself is very responsive: it looks great at a small size as well as a large size. In the box right above the fold, there are small bubbles rising up from the cans.