Week Nine

Review No. 1

Federico Bonifacini

Federico Bonifacini's homepage

This website makes me so happy. It is very responsive. It has a grid portfolio for the homepage. When you click on each picture, it takes you to a more in-depth look at each one. All of the art on the page goes so well together. Everything seems to mesh very well together: the art, colors, logo, and even the typeface. His choice of wording at the top for his menu buttons is so very clever and shows personality and sense of humor, which I find very endearing. I really want to spend a lot of time on this website. Bravo, Mr. Bonifacini!

Review No. 2

Oku House

Oku House's homepage

When you first come to the homepage of Oku, you are presented with a screen you must click to enter. There are links to the various social medias right under the "enter" button, which is very convenient and considerate. The page itself is very responsive and clean. The color is very friendly and inviting.

Oku House

After you enter, you are presented with various pieces of artwork from the illustrator. And once you click on them you are taken to a more in-depth look at each piece. It is very easy to navigate and the portfolio even follows you when you click on a particular piece. Very nice. I really enjoy the art and the flow of this page.