Week 1

Website 1: Catherine Rayner

This is Catherine's homepage.

Catherine Rayner is an illustrator. She uses this website to display her artwork, illustrated books, awards, and contact information for inquiries or business opportunities. The aesthetics of the website reflect her artistic style, being simple, quirky, and clean - she is known for printmaking her illustrations on solid backgrounds. The layout of this website also reflects her as a children’s books author and illustrator; the easy to read text and the attention–grabbing illustrations.

The functionality of this website is effective. It is well organized and easy to navigate. The tabs of the website make finding information and imagery easy for viewers. It is responsive when resizing the window, especially when resizing to a smaller size. Although, when enlarging the window, it stays to the upper right side. This makes this website look unbalanced with the overwhelming whitespace.

Website 2: The Art of Darynn Bednarczyk

This is Darynn's homepage.

This artist utilized a customizable webpage builder called Weebly - which is advertised at the bottom of the webpage. The website has a clean, simple, and modern aesthetic. This aesthetic of simplicity compliments the artwork that it displays - allowing nothing to distract viewers.

This website has an organized functionality to it. The tabs are labeled to be direct and easy to navigate. This website also has an intriguing design to its organization that keeps the interest of the viewer. It is also very responsive. No matter how the webpage is resized, it adjusts well.

Website 3: Walton's Distillery

This is Walton Distillery's homepage.

Walton's Distillery's website has a messy/cluttered aesthetic, between the use of several different typefaces and the wooden background - which makes reading some of the text a challenge against the texture of the wood. This could be intentional, as this distillery does at times pay homage to stereotypical "hillbilly" and "backwoods" ways of being.

The tabs of this website do allow navigation to be easy to follow. It is also responsive to the size of the window. The homepage does have an interesting feature of an automatic rotation of photographs that includes information and a link to most of the images - especially of the products. There is an interactive tour video (under the "Take a Tour!" tab), but it does not seem to work on a mac.