Week 10

Website 1: Blue Sky Studios

This is Blue Sky Studios' homepage

Blue Sky Studios is an American computer animation film studio based in Connecticut. It is a subsidiary of 20th Century Fox Animation, and a division of Walt Disney Studios. They are most commonly known for thier Ice Age films, Robots, Ferdinand, Rio, and much more.

Blue Sky Studios' homepage is clean and modern aesthetically speaking. They also utilize a subdued pattern in the background of the webpage. The pattern consists of sketches of a very popular character from their hit Ice Age series, Scrat. They have four main blocks of advertisement/information on their homepage, some of which advertise what is in their navigation at the top of the page. These blocks are also links to pages giving more information on what they're advertising. They utilize heirarchy to advertise their work. For example, they have an advertisement for an upcoming film. Their navigation is clear and concise. They also utlize an animation for their logo at the top left corner of the webpage. When you mouse over the logo, it tilts a little, giving it character. This website is completely responsive.

Website 2: The Art of Mark Maggiori

This is Mark Maggiori's homepage

Mark Maggiori is a french fine artist who became facinated with the American West at a young age, and after having studied many different forms of art, he now paints oil portraits of Western art.

Maggiori's portfolio website is clean, which does assist in displaying his work. The website itself is quite plain, and that does take away from the aesthetics of him as an artist. Because if this, the website seems unfinished. Although, this could be his preference. His homepage consists of images display his artwork at auctions, in galleries on on/in publications. He also has upcoming show dates listed along with news regarding his artwork. He has his navigation menu off to the left side of the page, which includes links to his social media. There is an arrow that is linked so when you click it, it hides the side menu. This website does not respond well to resizing. When enlarging, the content stays to the left side. When reduing the size of the window, the content adjusts well to a pont, and then it becomes hard to read.

Website 3: The Art of Aaron Blaise

This is Aaron Blaise's homepage

Aaron Blaise graduated from the Ringling College of Art & Design from the Illustration pogram, and then went to work for Walt Disney Feature Animation for 21 years. He was an animator/supervising animator on "The Rescuers Down Under", "Beauty and the Beast", "Aladdin", "The Lion King", "Pocahontas", and "Mulan". He was also co-director of "Brother Bear" for which he earned an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature Film.

Blaise's homepage has quite a bit of content, but it is neatly displayed. This website has a clean, modern, and organized aesthetic. He mostly has information regarding subscribing to his newsletter, signing up for classes, or purchasing books/lessons on how to draw animals. He utilizes a navigation menu at the top of the webpage that is clear and concise. He also uses a slideshow of images at the beginning of his content, that advertises his work, lessons, etc. This website is entirely responsive when resizing the window.