Week 12

Website 1: Alycia Burton

This is Alycia Burton's homepage

Alycia Burton is a world famous equestrian performer, youth mentor and horse trainer based in New Zealand. She is notable for her Free Riding performances and clinics. She works with troubled/dangerous hroses with severe bahavioral issues, as well as mentoring youth resonating with those who are suffering from anxiety, depression, bullying, lack of self worth, wanting to get into the equine industry and much more.

Alycia Burton's logo competes with the navigation menu in the header (when the window is a certain size), it is literally sitting on top of three of the menu items - making them illegible. The items of the menu are clear and easy to understand and follow. The navigation menu stays at the top of the window as you scroll through the homepage. All of the content is easy to read, it just needs a little cleaning up here and there. This webpage is responsive when resizing the window.

Website 2: Australia Zoo

This is Australia Zoo's homepage

Australia Zoo is a 1,000-acre zoo located in the Australia state of Queensland on the Sunshine Coast. They strive for Australia Zoo to become the ultimate global zoological destination and in doing so, become world leaders in conservation, relating to both wildlife and their habitat. They make a difference through conversation projects, education programs and more.

Immediately upon opening this webpage, all of the colors and images give the webpage life and a sense of adventure. This reflect the beloved attitude of the Irwins, which is always welcoming. This welcoming vibe does well to attract visitors to their zoo. Their navigation menu is located in the header of the webpage. It is clear and easy to navigate. It also has submenus for each item, making navigation more precise. This website utlizes a fixed layout, it stays centered when resizing the window larger, but the content does not adjust when reducing the size of the window.

Website 3: Jocelyn Russell

This is Jocelyn Russell's homepage

Jocelyn Russell is a fine artist that specializes in wildlife and animal bronze sculptures, paintings, and sterling silver animal-themed jewlery. She is also an avid outdoor and wildlife enthusiast. She is well known for her wildlife works, and gains national and international recognition for her work.

The Papyrus is killing me. It's difficult to read, and is way too busy of a typeface to have in paragraphs. The type is already stark against that dark background, and it being Papyrus strains the eyes. She has her navigation menu at the top of the webpage. All of the tabs are clear and easy to follow, some of which are accompanied by a submenu. This website is responsive when resizing, larger or smaller. It is well organized.. it's just that Papyrus that is driving me crazy.