Week 5

Website 1: eBay

This is eBay's homepage.

eBay is an American e-commerce corporation based in California, which facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales through the use of their website.

eBay's has a lot of elements within its homepage. They have a row of tabs at the very top of the webpage, above the search engine to guide the viewer to where they can sign in, "Daily Deals," gift cards, and a link to get help and contact. There is also a row of tabs below the search engine, guiding to pages for several main topics covering some of the listing products being sold. When you hover your mouse over these topics, a sub menu appears with linked subtopics. There are a lot of ways to navigate throughout this website, which can make it a little complicated. They also have ads disrupting their layout, which does harm this page aesthetically speaking. Besides that, everything else displayed on their webpage is consistant, simplistic, and modernized. In terms of functionality, this webpage works well. This webpage utilizes a fluid resizing method - it adjust well with the window when enlarging, but becomes fixed at a specific point when reducing.

Website 2: The Warren

This is The Warren's homepage

The Warrren is a small artist run studio located in Nashville, TN. They offer part and full time workspaces for illustrators, graphic designers, and those who work with product development and branding. They also host public drawing nights, workshops, member potlucks, pop-up events, gallery shows, and more.

This website was created using squarespace. It is completely responsive when resizing the window. It centers and adjusts its content when enlarging the window, and resizes and adjusts the content when reducing the size of the window. Navigation of this website is simple and easy to follow. There are tab at the top of the page linking to other pages containing information. When hovering the mouse over the "ARTISTS" tab, instead it being a link to another page, a submenu of names appears. The names are linked to the websites belonging to those artists listed. This website is very clean, sleek, and modern aesthetically speaking. The white background compliments the colors and content within the webpages. This organized layout reflects an organized and workable workspace that they avertise.

Website 3: Frist Art Museum

This is The Frist's homepage

The Frist Art Museum, located in Nashville, TN, opened in April 2001, and has hosted various artworks from the region and from around the world.

The Frist's website utilizes a left-column layout, having their navigation of the lefthand side, and content to the right of the page. Their navigation items are clearly displayed and articulated, aiding navigation. There are subitems listed within these items, but they are not visible until you click on that main item first. Their layout is simplistic, which does help navigate throughout the content and understand what it is that is being displayed. All of the content is organized, which again helps understand the content, as this being a museum, organization of information helps. This webpage has a fluid resizing method, this does hurt the visibility of the content. Frist utilizes a modern and sleek aesthetic with this website, which compliments the array of content that they display.