Week 6

Website 1: Julie Ferris

This is Julie's homepage.

Julie Ferris is a fine artist based in Atlanta, Georgia, whose works are influenced by everything equine or equestrian: the symbolism, power, history, and beauty connected to the horse and all that encompasses it. She claims to be inspired by equine artists of the past; George Stubbs, Theodore Gericault, Sir Alfred Munnings, and Rosa Bonheur.

Aesthetically speaking, this website is sleek, clean, and modern. There is simplicity in the design of this website, this compliments the artwork of the artist. This also reflects the style of the artwork of this particular artist – her paintings are clean, white background portraits, displaying the subjects of the paintings in a dynamic fashion. The color choices for the background and typefaces are soothing tones of gray, which again, do not distract the viewer from the content of the webpage. The images of her work on the home page are assembled in a gallery viewing fashion, this compliments the artwork by treating as such; works of art. This website is highly responsive to resizing of the window, no matter how large or small, the content within the webpages adapt and is legible. Navigation throughout this website is easy to follow with the web owner's use of clarity.

Website 2: JanSport

This is JanSport's homepage

JanSport is an American brand of backpacks and collegiate apparel. It was founded in 1967, by three friends from Washington: Skip, an outdoor enthusiast; Murray, an engineer; and Jan, a seamstress. The brand was named after Jan in response to a promise Murray had made in case this company became a success.

JanSport does have a specific aesthetic to their website. It does have the appearance of a typical apparel website, but little touches here and there make it unique. For example, for their logo, instead of using a PNG image of just that, they decided to make it look like a label from one of their bags. The typefaces they use also touches on an “outdoorsy” aesthetic – this is kind of a homage to the fact that this company arose from the original use of outdoor packs. This website is also neatly organized into sections, this aids the navigation of their website and products. This webpage is hightly responsive, it adjusts its content no matter the size of the window.

Website 3: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This is The Met's homepage

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Met for short, resides in three sites in New York City – The Met Fifth Avenue, The Met Breuer, and The Met Cloisters. The Met displays over 5,000 years of art from around the world for everyone to experience and enjoy. It was founded in 1870, establishing and maintaining a Museum and library of art, and advancing the general knowledge of art and the application of arts to manufacture and practical life.

The Met offers a lot of information through their website. They did organize it well to help with navigation of that information. The colors they utilize are red and white. The most dominate color they use is red; it is used and bands of color at the top of the webpage and right above the footer. They also have a video that plays repeatedly displaying features of their museum with the phrase “Experience 5,000 Years of Art at The Met.” The main aesthetic of this website is clean and modern. This allows it to look current and keeps the information legible. This webpage is highly responsive when resizing the size of the window. All of the content adjusts properly and is still legible.