Week 7

Website 1: Bed Bath & Beyond

This is Bed Bath & Beyond's homepage.

Bed Bath & Beyond is an American chain of home goods merchandise retail stores, with locations in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico. This corporation was founded in 1971. The stores sell home goods, specifically for bedrooms, bathrooms, as well as kitchens and dining rooms.

Aesthetically speaking, this website is clean and modernized in regards of it being a store webpage. The products are neatly displayed, there is a continuous color scheme throughout the page, and they utilize a slideshow along with playful placement of their content. This website is funtional, and easy to navigate with how they have organized their information and links. Bed Bath & Beyond utlize a hamburger menu at the top of the webpage next to their logo. Having their menu beside their logo allows anyone to know where to go efficiently and with ease. When the menu is clicked, a more detailed menu appears on the left side of the webpage. This design choice helps with making room for their content on their main webpage. All of the content is clear and concise, and they give a detailed footer with addtional information such as contact information, etc. This webpage utilizes a responsive layout, when the size of the browser window is altered, all of the content adjusts.

Website 2: Bath & Body Works

This is Bath & Body Works' homepage

Bath & Body Works is an American retailer that specializes as a bath shop chain. It was founded in New Albany, Ohio, 1990. It has since expanded acress the United States, and also to Canada, Chile, and Peru.

This website immediately displays bright vibrant colors in their imagery, which is very much their aesthetic if you have ever been to one of their stores. The images also display what new products they have in stock. Beneath those images, they display their deals for when you buy those products, "5 for $23 Hand Soaps." Bath & Body Works utlize a simple navigation bar at the top of their webpage, breaking down the categories of their products to five categories. When your mouse hovers over one of the categories, a submenu of subcategories appears beneath it. At the top of the webpage, there is a coupon With it being the first thing you see it is a useful tool to attract potential costumers. The amount of bright color is a little overwhelming, but as mentioned before, this is their aesthetic. Near the bottom of the page, there is an animated GIF to advertise their upcoming Easter Gifts. Getting past all of the loud imagery, this website is not difficult to navigate. This website utilizes a responsive layout.

Website 2: Chick-fil-A

This is Chick-fil-A's homepage

Chick-fil-A is an American fast food restaurant chain that specializes in chicken sandwiches and other chicken-based products. It was founded in May 1946, and it operates more than 2,200 restaurants primarily within the United States.

This website is very organized, modern and clean. Chick-fil-A utilized a simplistc approach to display their products. They have their logo at the top of the webpage, and the location of the nearest restaurant near you - and also a link to find locations of their other restaurants. Near that they have a simple 3 category menu that displays submenus when you hover your mouse over them. When you click "Menu," the window moves downward to their menu section on the webpage. Aesthetically, Chick-fil-A utilize their color scheme of red and white throughout their website, this gives a sense of continuity and unity to their content. Chick-fil-A is legendary for putting "Nuggets and News" at the top of thier webpage. This webpage is completely repsonsive when resizing the window.