Week 8

Website 1: Rachel Briggs

This is Rachel's introduction to her homepage This is Rachel's homepage

Rachel Briggs is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Nashville. She was recognized by The Society of Illustrators in both the 59th and the 61st Annuals. Briggs is also an Associate Professor for Illustration at Watkins College of Art, specifically for Sequential illustration and Illustration Seminar.

Briggs initially has an introductory webpage to her home page. This page displays her name, and what she specializes in as an artist; illustration, design, visual art, and motion. In the title tab of the website, it labels this webpage as "Portfolio of Rachel Briggs," which does help viewers realize what they're looking at given the minimalism of this page. Under her name she has "(ENTER)," which implies that it is interactive and in turn viewers need to click to proceed to her portfolio. The cursor also changes to imply that her title is a link. Once you click, you are viewing her portfolio, and her work is neatly displayed for viewing. Her navigation menu is clear and concise. Her name stays on the top of the webpage and window as you scroll through the pages. She does not have a footer, but you cannot scroll down the webpage if there isn't any content. This webpage is fluid, it's responsive to a point, but some of the content doesn't adjust well.

Website 2: Hatch Show Print

This is Hatch Show Print's homepage

Hatch Show print is one of America's oldest letterpress shops, located in Nashville. This letterpress started with the Hatch family in Wisconsin, which moved to Nashville in 1875. The golden age of Hatch was during the 1920-50s. During which they captured the magic of country music, creating some of the most indelible images of country music performers ever created. Hatch Show Print continues to operate and carry on the 19th century traditions and practices of the letterpress poster shop it was founded on three generations ago.

Hatch Show Print's homepage is bold and graphic, which reflects their bold, graphic style that is displayed on their printed works. They display their logo at the top left corner, along with their navigation menu which is large and easily legible. When the mouse hovers over the listed items, a submenu appears. There is also a side menu which is only visible when you click an arrow, this is additional navigation and information. As you scroll through the homepage, the three different sections of the page become brighter as you scroll past them. This is eye-catching. This website is fluid; it resizes and adjusts when reducing the size of the window, and when you enlarge the window the content of the webpage aligns to the center and a patterned background appears to fill in the white-space.

Website 3: DreamWorks Animation

This is DreamWorks Animation's homepage

DreamWorks Animation is an American animation studio that is a subsidiary of Universal Pictures. It is based in Glendale, California and produces animated freature films, television programs and online virtual games. They are well known for their featured films: Chicken Run, Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, Trolls, and Boss Baby.

DreamWorks Animation's website is well organized, graphic, and modern. This aesthetic with graphic blocks of color is appealing to children. This simplistic and bold style of their webpage allows easy navigation - which is benefitial for younger audiences. The menus, social media, and imagery from their animated works are large, bold and graphic. This works for their aethetic since their target audience of children. This website is fluid, it will resize and adjust as the window enlarges, but the content of the webpage does not adjust to when the window is reduced past a specific size.