Week 9

Website 1: Yeti

This is YETI's homepage

YETI is a Texas-based manufacturer of outdoor lifestyle products such as ice chests, vacuum-insulated stainless-steel drinkware, soft coolers, and related accessories. It was founded in 2006 by teo brothers, Roy and Ryan Seiders, with the intention of building a cooler that they'd use every day if it existed. One that was built for the serious outdoor enthusiast rather for the mass-discount retailers.

Immediately as YETI's homepage is opened, the viewer gets a sense of outdoors and a sense of strength, especially with an opening quote displayed in a bold type: BEING BUILT FOR THE WILD MEANS YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE RIGHT BONES, GUTS, HEART, AND ARMOR TO WORK AND PLAY THE WAY YOU WANT. Before you scroll downward through the page, the rest of the webpage is covered with a white fade; which of course disappears as you scroll down, revealing the images. All of their images, which are minimal, are effective in advertising their merchandise. Each display how their specific products are used in the outdoors. As your cursor moves over one of the images, the image brightens and closes in. This little animation is attention grabbing. Aesthetically, this webpage does well to support its products and purposes. In terms of functionality, this website is easy to navigate with its direct tabs and links. It is also entirely responsive.

Website 2: Ricola

This is Ricola's homepage

Ricola is a Swiss manufacturer of cough drops and breath mints. All of their products include natural herbal ingredients which are exclusively cultivated on Swiss soil without the use of pestisides, insecticides or herbicides.

Ricola's homepage is simplistic in design, and they utlize natural imagery of Swiss country to advertise their natural products. Their logo is located at the top left corner of the webpage, a hamburger menu on the top right corner, and a large repeating gif plays an animated image of a field with Swiss mountains in the background. If you click on the link in the center of the gif stating: Discover the world of Ricola, it takes you to another webpage filled with imagery and videos that takes viewers on a journey through their products, proccess, and purpose. Navigation is not too difficult when using the hamburger menu, but things get a little jumbled with their use of a gridded links at the bottom of their homepage. Ricola uses a fluid layout; it's responsive to a specific point and then the content stays centered.

Website 3: Ariat International

This is Ariat's homepage

Ariat International is a premium performace footwear, apparel and accessories brand for equestrian sports and other outdoor activities, located in California. Ariat was founded by Beth Cross and Pam Parker in 1993. They were founded with the goal of making the highest-quality footwear and apparel for the world's top equestrian athletes.

Ariat advertises some of thier products on their homepage, breaking down some of their products as shopping colorful, relentless, new logo arrivals, and new styles and technology. Ariat utilizes a clear and concise menu at the top of their homepage. This effectively helps viewers navigate through their webpages. Especially when viewers open their submenu for the subjects of the main menu. Ariat breaks down their products well enough that it simplifies effort of navigation. This website is entirely repsonsive when resizing the window.